Our Services


Through our partners we have acess to an extensive fleet of over 140 vessels. All Multi purpose vessels varying in both size and type. The majority of them are geared and ICE classed and are there for equipped to load and discharge at any port no matter winter restrictions or lack of port cranes. We can provide vessels ranging from small short sea coaster to handymax suitable for overseas and also Roro/Conro vessels. 


We can do spot sailings from and to any destination world wide giving right cargo and position. Still we offer some more regular routes ranging from weekly semi liner service with fixed ports to monthly/bi monthly schedules with variying ports.

Short sea

Weekly sailings from the Baltic to continent down to North spain and reversed + intra baltic.


Weekly sailings from the Baltic to the west and east mediterranean.


Weekly sailings from the Baltic to USEC + Monthly sailing from WC Sweden to USEC.

Other routes

Besides above base routes from the Baltic we offer regular worldwide sailing especially from Continent to Great lakes, US gulf, South america, Australia/Far east and West africa.


As a dry cargo ship broker based in Sweden its natural our main product category is within the forest sector. We are experts in shipping wood pulp, paper and timber. We also deal with many other commodities as well such as project cargoes, metals, bulk cargoes and more.